Who decides?


Scientists and researchers, not CEOs and politicians, should decide what research projects are worth funding.  Funding decisions and research granting agencies should be free from political and corporate influence. To facilitate the transfer of funding from discovery-driven research to market-driven research, the federal government has changed the composition of the boards of the granting councils, appointing […]

Unmuzzle science


Muzzling scientists could harm our health, safety, and environment To serve the public interest, government scientists must be free to speak with Canadians about their research. The federal government has placed unacceptable political controls on public science. It has muzzled scientists and politicized the research carried out by its departments and public agencies. A major survey […]

Innovation & jobs


Basic research drives real innovation and job growth.  Investment in discovery-driven research should be restored to levels spent 10 years ago so Canada can remain competitive. One of the cornerstones of the current federal government’s science and technology (S&T) strategy is to require universities and colleges to collaborate with industry on scientific research. The assumption is […]

Join the campaign to Get Science Right


Thousands of academic staff across Canada who are calling for a new direction in science and research policy. Your voice matters too. Get involved by: 1. Talk to your colleagues about your concerns about science policy in Canada.     Download a Get Science Right door hanger for your office door here: GSRDoorHangerENGLISH 2. Attend an […]

Informed policy


Evidence, not ideology, should inform policy The federal government should re-invest in its own research programs like the Census, and create a Parliamentary Science Officer to provide unbiased advice on Canada’s scientific policies, priorities, and funding. Too often, research investments have been made to meet political, not scientific, goals. For instance, the most recent S&T announcements introducing […]

Upcoming events


Cross country events are being planned for September 2015. The third week of September is Science Literacy Week and, this year, academic staff associations across Canada are organizing events to discuss a new direction for science policy in Canada. So far…we have events listed in Halifax, Fredericton, St. John’s, Québec, London ON, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kingston, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, and […]